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Rock Steady Boxing Synapse Fitness is an affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing, an international exercise program that is specific for people with Parkinson’s disease. It uses principles of high intensity exercise and boxing training to promote speed, agility, power, and balance as well as rounding out each class with flexibility, strength and various skill-based training.

Rock Steady Boxing Synapse Fitness

RSB Synapse Fitness is overseen by physical therapist Kelly Becker to ensure all workouts incorporate a comprehensive approach to as many Parkinson’s specific exercise principles as possible in a safe and effective way for people of any stage of PD. At each session we focus on: ample time for stretching and warm up, a question of the day to promote strong voices and community building, strength and conditioning or a designated skill-based training, and boxing training skills. Kelly has brought her therapy background to create an 8 week rotation of skill-based training based off of the most common symptoms that people present to therapy with. Most importantly, at RSB Synapse Fitness we aim to have fun and support one another.

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Coming Soon

Over the next year we are looking at bringing Rock Steady Boxing with our specific model of care to more areas in the mid-Willamette Valley. To learn about the unique approach we bring to Rock Steady Boxing classes click here to learn about our model of care. If you would like to support us in expanding the reach of our services consider visiting our donor page to see how you may be able to help.

For more information on future class locations and timeframe contact [email protected].

Physical Therapy

Prior to engaging in our programs, all potential members are screened for their unique medical, movement, balance and safety related issues by a physical therapist with certifications in Parkinson’s care. Our physical therapist regularly supervises classes and works as a team with speciality trained exercise instructors to identify potential participant needs and make referrals to health care providers or community resources as needed. Our exercise instructors for Rock Steady Boxing classes receive ongoing education related to Parkinson’s disease in addition to training in the Rock Steady Method. At this time, we do not offer direct physical therapy services, but we aim to offer Parkinson’s specific physical therapy services through our foundation in the future.

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