About our Work

At Synapse Fitness Foundation our mission is to empower people with Parkinson’s through physical fitness, health education, wellness services and connection to others with Parkinson’s in their community. We also strive to provide a new model of care that addresses the physical, mental and emotional needs over the life span of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Our Vision

  • To deliver and expand high quality physical fitness classes for people with Parkinson’s that are research driven and provided by qualified health care or specialty trained exercise instructors.
  • To connect people with Parkinson’s to resources including Parkinson’s organizations, support groups, neurologists, allied health care providers, exercise classes, social services, educational seminars and local events.
  • To create a center for the mid-Willamette valley where these services can be provided and/or promoted in one central area, in order to increase access to services as well as follow through in obtaining services.
Synapse Fitness Foundation

Our Values


Above all else, serve the Parkinson’s community.


Be stewards of a new way of integrating health care and wellness services that better serves people with Parkinson’s.


Create an environment that brings people with Parkinson’s together to form positive and encouraging relationships.


Always maintain passion for the people we serve and the mission we hold.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” We strive to work with other Parkinson’s organizations, educational institutions, health care providers and members of the community to provide the best services possible within our mission.

Synapse Fitness Foundation

SFF Beginnings and Future

On May 1st 2017, Kelly opened the first Rock Steady Boxing Lebanon class out of a desire to better serve her patients with Parkinson’s Disease between physical therapy sessions. At the time, she was working with people with Parkinson’s as a physical therapist at the local hospital providing  LSVT BIG ® therapy sessions. However, she was looking for an exercise program and a space where people with Parkinson’s could consistently engage in dynamic, higher intensity workouts while being loud and having a great time! Kelly had been introduced to Rock Steady Boxing the year prior, and after doing further research, decided that RSB was a great fit! A local gym, CrossFit Pink Rhino, offered to rent out space for the program and Kelly started the business Synapse Fitness, LLC to be able to provide the classes.

From the get go, Synapse Fitness, LLC was not run as a traditional business. Before opening the first RSB Lebanon class, the decision was made to keep classes affordable and not to turn anyone away for their inability to pay. Early on, Kelly had a dream of turning Synapse Fitness, LLC, into an official non-profit organization to further support the needs of people in the Parkinson’s community and to promote the interplay between physical therapy services and exercise classes as a model of care for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Out of this dream, Synapse Fitness Foundation was born in August of 2018. To oversee the organization, a board of directors was established to bring a diversity of health care, business, government, and public health backgrounds to the table. Everyone on the board has direct experience with Parkinson’s either through personal experience, through a loved one, or through their work. Since the foundation’s inception, the Board has been busy at work to create a legitimate non-profit organization that is recognized by the state and federal governments and has a solid vision for serving people with Parkinson’s in the local community. With this wonderful board of directors and the official position as a tax exempt non-profit, Synapse Fitness Foundation is now able to recruit and train more coaches, develop a volunteer program, expand the number and location of classes, and increase fundraising abilities. All of this support allows SFF to further their mission of empowering people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Looking to the future, SFF hopes to first address their mission by increasing the number of Rock Steady Boxing classes they offer with expansion of services to other local towns while continuing to rent space from existing gyms. The long term goal is to raise funds until they are able to have their own designated space for a Parkinson’s center per the goal of their vision statement. From this center, SFF plans to provide a variety of exercise, communication, and educational classes as well as therapy services. Currently a Parkinson’s specific center like this—that provides exercise classes, educational resources, and therapy services—does not exist in the local community or anywhere in Oregon! With this comes the unique opportunity to promote a model of care that better serves people with Parkinson’s.

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